Dear Customers

You are international carriers, exporter or importer, shipping company, airline etc…
HDE Transit, custom broker, forwarder is at your disposal to make for your account all customs formalities related to your activity.

Export or Import declaration, ATR certificate for Turkey, EUR1 for Countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Switzerland, ACP Countries (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific). But also Community Transit documents (T1, T2), TIR Carnet, T2L, T2LF.

Our geographical areas for clearance are diverse and varied.
Indeed we can clear through customs as well for goods forwarded by road to or from Russia, Turkey, Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria), the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania for example)

But Also Switzerland, Norway, European Countries. Finally for goods coming from Asia (China, Thailand, Vietnam, India…) from USA or quite other countries, by full container or collective shipment by air or sea, we can be in charge of customs formalities in Marseille or Lyon ST Exupéry Airport.
We are located in Marseille, Lyon and Chambéry, where we can to step in for you.

For any goods passing through Italy (from Turkey, Russia for example) we are ideally situated.
100 Km from the Frejus Tunnel, on the main road to Lyon, Paris, the south and the North of France and the North of Europe.

We invite carriers to stop for custom to us and we’ll take in charge of your trucks with a rapidity, that they won’t find nowhere else.

You can contact us by mail

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Phone : +33 (0)4 79 62 01 00
Fax : +33 (0)4 79 62 77 80

Contact name : Bianchini Pascal – Moreau Charlotte