Hello and welcome to our English, French and European friends, on our Brexit page.

Since January 2021, we have embarked on the Brexit adventure. We can therefore provide our customers with all customs clearance formalities (export France / EU to UK and import UK to France or EU), at the SI BREXIT customs offices in Calais Tunnel and Ferry, Dunkirk Ferry, Le Havre , and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The customs formalities that we offer are:

– Customs export France or EU to UK
– Customs import UK to FRANCE or EU
– Transit T1 for goods departing from UK to France or to the EU
– Transit T2 for goods departing from France or EU to UK
– CHED – SIVEP passage for veterinary checks
– Import customs in France under the 42 00 regime (without VAT in France for goods that will be delivered in the EU)

You can send us your customs clearance requests by EMAIL on contact@hdetransit.com. By attaching the commercial documents (invoice, packing list, etc.), specifying whether the truck will go through Calais Tunnel or Ferry, Dunkerque Ferry or Le Havre, the truck number, the number of packages and the weight.

If you need a transit (T1 or T2), you will need to give us the name and code of the customs office of destination, as well as the name and full address of the agent who will clear our transit

Our teams are fluent in English and have no problem answering you in writing, also in English.